There’s now even more choice in drills

Just when you thought there was a lot of choice in terms of which drill is right for you, there is now even more choice. Both Novag and Virkar have written about their own drills in this issue and we are looking forward to hearing more from them in the future.

We also have information on the Fendt drill that is already available in Brazil and we have also learned about the Pottinger Terrasem Wave disc, which is a “strip-till” type drill that moves about 4cm of soil, using front discs that might suite someone who needs to move a bit more soil in a single pass or in wetter spring conditions.

Whichever drill you have its clear that soil health is the big buzz in farming now. How can we measure it? How can we improve it? How can we save the planet? Farming is full of ethical decisions. We make them every day, we just don’t really realise it or think about them as such.

We are the current guardians of our land, therefore we can be part of the solution to the world’s problems and our crops (cash or otherwise) are part of the ecosystem that consumes a massive amount of CO2 from the air. In fact, maybe we should be paid to grow cover crops – now there’s an idea for the government if they want to help save the planet.