Mzuri Pro-Til 480 iGen

Recognising the demand for a linkage mounted drill with more output, Mzuri have developed the new Mzuri Pro-Til iGen.

Staying true to the Mzuri philosophy, the Pro-Til iGen is a one pass drill designed to produce the perfect seeding environment straight into stubble, cover crops and grassland. Accurate seeding depth is maintained across the width of the machine and dual reconsolidation is achieved through a full width packer and individual press wheels.

Aimed at farmers looking for a high output mounted solution, the new range has launched as 4.8m machine which Mzuri felt was the natural initial size to start the range. The 4.8m model features 15 coulters on a row spacing of 320mm.

Based on the Mzuri Pro-Til core concept, the Pro-Til iGen features a leading tine to prepare a nursery seedbed, dual reconsolidation, and independent coulters as standard. With independent coulters arguably Mzuri’s most respected feature, it is no surprise the Pro-Til iGen boasts fully independent coulters, each with its own depth wheel which reconsolidates, but more importantly provides individual height control of each coulter. A simple mechanism is employed to control height and pressure of the rear seeding wheels, offering exceptional seed placement accuracy across the width of the machine.

Reliable seed delivery is achieved through twin metering units with seed being conveyed via a generous fan system. The iGen’s 2200ltr tank is pressurised to effectively double output over conventional metering, with the drill operating comfortably at speeds up to 18kph.

The Pro-Til iGen is fitted with a twin harrow bar as standard to achieve a uniform level surface, ideal for getting the best out of pre-emergence herbicides.

Mzuri made the decision to expand their mounted offering to cater to a growing market of customers looking for a linkage format without compromising on reliable establishment or output. Customers can also benefit from the associated cost savings of a mounted machine, with the Pro-Til iGen range expected to be up to 30% cheaper per metre than its trailed version.

The new model is available to view at upcoming exhibitions including Groundswell and available to demo from this Autumn.

SpecificationPro-Til 480 iGen
Working Width4.8m
Transport Width2.8m
Hopper Capacity2200 l
Row Spacing320mm
No. of Coulters15
Tractor Requirement240hp +
Working Speed6 – 16km/h
Mzuri have recently launched the new Pro-Til iGen linkage machine to cater for customers looking for a high output mounted solution.