Interesting things?

My experiences so far with the Ma/ Ag direct drill, if you want to direct drill then some thought must be given to the system well before you even have a demo. Yes we can drill into almost anything from last year’s crop aftermath to fully cultivated seedbeds. Direct drills, especially low disturbance machines can’t work the ground and certainly don’t level undulations, tramlines or carry out any remedial work so best not to do the damage in the first place. Tractors, trailers and implements with the right tyres, operators with the right instructions and also the knowledge and reasons of what is trying to be achieved. For example, on a recent demo a telehandler complete with bag of seed drove halfway down the headland to fill up the Ma/Ag drill, just adding to headland paddling, far better take the drill to the gateway surely?

Great experiences with cover crops, holding nutrients and moisture, tap roots driving through the pan, lots of organic matter back into the soil and far cheaper than using diesel and steel to do the same job !