Regenerative agriculture practices are on the rise in the UK, following the trends seen in other countries. Direct Driller Magazine is the only publication in the UK dedicated this niche (Which has become way more than a niche).  Soil health, regen agronomy, biostimulants, new technology and robotics are all being embraced by a new breed of farming in the UK. Leading to lots of unique and informative content whic farmers are loving.

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As single pass tillage techniques gather pace, it is worth knowing that there are at least 18 drill manufacturers in the UK and can be bought either direct from the manufacturer or through dealers. Each and every one of them approaches the problems farmers face slightly differently and so finding the right one for you will take some research. There are also hundreds of businesses supplying into the regen sector.

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As regenerative agriculture has become more “normal”, there are now many companies to help farmers on the transition.  You will read about many of them in our pages.  If you are a company in the regen space, then get in touch with us to explore ways to advertise in the magazine or how to book a space to tell your story to farmers about why you see regen ag as critical to the way farming progresses.


Amazone Cayena – With its 6 m working width and 3,600 l hopper capacity
Claydon Drills – The Claydon patented direct strip seeding technique was developed by farmers for farmers to increase profit margins and yields
Dale Drills – Dale Drills is an agricultural seed drill manufacturing firm, based in the UK, specialising in direct drills
Horizon – Why Horizon? Soil layers are known as ‘horizons’, and without healthy, nutritious soil we wouldn’t be able to grow our produce.
Horsch – Avatar seed drill with single disc coulter
John Deere 750A – World proven drill technologies with low HP requirements
Kuhn – A complete range of no-till (direct) drills designed to meet your expectations
Mzuri – With our sole focus on conservation farming, we offer the complete choice of strip tillage equipment
Novag – Novag’s zero soil movement prevents soil erosion, weed problems, and most of all protects soil biology.
Prime West Cross Slot – Cross-slot technology emerged in New Zealand around 30 years ago
Ryetec – MAAG SSP Pneumatic No-till Drill
Simtech – The simplest and most versatile drill on the market at an affordable price
Sky Agri (Opico) – high capacity drilling solutions for all soil conditions and cultivation systems
Sumo – British company specialising in the design and manufacture of innovative machinery
Triton Seed Drills –  Reducing the weather effect on the drilling programme
Vaderstad – Rapid A and Seedhawk drills
Weaving – the best quality farm machinery at affordable prices

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