Direct Driller Issue 23 Contents

Agritechnica 2023

Agritechnica, the world’s leading agricultural machinery exhibition, takes place in Hanover, Germany,…

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Introduction – Mike Donovan 4
Adopting Regenerative Practices 4
Covering Soils Event 6
A Midwest Tour of Innovative Farmers 8
Agritechnica 2023 14
Drill Manufacturer: Kuhn 16
Managing Cover Crops? 18
Farmer Focus: Neil White 20
Have we Underestimated the Importance of Soil Health 24
Drill Manufacturer: Mzuri 28
Trials Show Value of Stonger Varieties 28
Enhanced Weathering Supports Farms 36
Farmer Focus: Tim Parton 40
Drill Manufacturer: Jeff Claydon 44
Combine Harvester Feature 48
Controlling Weed seeds at Harvest 49
Inverted Air Flow Systems 52
Near Infra-Red Spectography at Harvest 54
National Museum of Rural Life in Scotland 56
Unveiling the Underground Treasure 60
Advancing Nitrous Oxide Emission Calculations 62
Securing Sustainability 66
Being in the Black 70
Farmer Focus: Clive Bailye 72
Drill Manufacturer: Horsch 74
Soil Farmer of the Year 76
Farmer Focus: Phil Rowbottom 78
Exploring Soil Biology’s Pivotal Role 80
Drill Manufacturer: Amazone 83
Farmer Focus: Ben Martin 84
A Nuffield in Argentina 86
Generating Revenue from Soil Carbon 90
Making the most of Organic Materials 92
Harnessing the Power of Rainwater 94
Unearthing Insights at the Allerton Project 96
Drill Manufacturer: Horizon 98