2019 Biological Inoculant Trials

Clive Bailye writes …

‘Last autumn I was asked by a Hungarian company Terragro to run some tramline trials of their Biofil product.’

The product sounds good, it is the result of 12 years of EU grant funded research and Teragro are the winners of several awards for innovation and research into bacterial strains for agricultural use. Their products have widespread EU adoption with some very positive farm and independent results over a range of crops. Only recently available in the UK it is a soil applied live product containing 7 beneficial bacterial strains it is available in acidic, normal and alkaline formulation to suit individual soil type. I’m open minded about these types of product that are becoming more commonly available its seems and believe the only way to find out if they provide benefit is to test them so I agreed to run some (unpaid) fully independent tramline trials on my own farm and also arranged to send some product to 5 other UK notill farmers.

We have set up several 1ha “tramline” trials, 2 in OSR, 3 in wheat, 2 in winter beans and 2 in spring oats all using the Biofil “normal pH” product. At this stage its far to early to speculate about any differences in crop growth but all my plots will be taken to yield quantified over the weighbridge here and results published (good or bad!). One of the other participants in the trail did send me some images of his wheat trial in Late January which look promising however.