Introduction – Issue 5

It’s perhaps not so important whether Einstein said “ insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results” or not. The powerful phrase initiates progress and of course has considerable relevance in farming, where doing the same thing can be a bit of a habit. That is, of course, if you need change.

If the results of your efforts are already acceptable and worth repeating, change is the last thing to consider. But when things around you are about to change, as is the case of UK farming today, that’s the time to look hard at what you are doing and how you might do it better. This Direct Driller issue, the fifth to be published, presents a huge number of ideas and possibilities for cereal growers.

The breadth and depth of its articles is seriously considerable. It of course comes at a very critical time. The real consequences of current politics on farming will remain unknown for some time, yet the farming year progresses and forward decisions have to be taken. You’ll find a great deal of wisdom in these pages, from people who have been making and measuring change on their farms, companies which have forged ahead with new and better processes: mechanical; chemical and especially biological.

I still maintain that farming is on the cusp of a revolution in terms of production and its environmental impact. Farmers really are getting kinder to mother nature and are beginning to understand the powers which we can use to the good of all… and Direct Driller is a valuable resource for all involved. The fact it remains free of charge and produced without a government or quango handout is truly remarkable.