Drill Manufacturers In Focus…


British farm machinery manufacturer, Sumo, first launched the Vaxio at LAMMA 2018, and after 18 months of testing prototypes on-farm, the longawaited shallow cultivator went into full production in 2019. Available in 4m, 5m and 6m working widths, the Vaxio is a high-speed and versatile implement that combines surface cultivation, loosening, levelling and consolidation – all encompassed in a minimal maintenance design. At the front of the machine there’s a twin-row of concave scalloped discs that cut trash and initiate the cultivation process. The discs are followed by two staggered rows of spring-loaded tines, 300mm apart and working at depths of 50mm to 250mm, allowing for either a full-width under-cut and mix or zonal work (depending on which points are fitted). At the back there’s a row of sprung levelling paddles designed to carry soil and even out the peaks and troughs, followed by your choice of packer rollers providing different qualities dependant on exact application. Excellent consolidation and moisture preservation are key across Sumo’s packer range.

Although an ideal tool for seedbed preparations, the Vaxio can also be run a little deeper if fitted with a SumoSeeder to give a one-pass oilseed rape establishment tool – a proven method for hundreds of farmers in the UK who have been harvesting impressive yields with Sumo’s flagship machine, the Sumo Trio. Filling a gap in Sumo’s product range, the Vaxio is a key machine for the British company, highlighting their commitment in helping farmers move towards minimum and zero-till farming methods and showing Sumo are a serious farm machinery manufacturer in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

Offering the versatility to work with or without its front levelling discs and the ability to go deeper with its tines if required are fundamental elements to the success of this fantastic, British built, machine. 

The Vaxio will be showcased at LAMMA 2020, and there’s a fantastic retail offer for orders taken before 10th Jan 2020, the Friday just after the event.